Cheese CONNOISSEUR - Cheesy Event

Greg Hessel & Scottie Rivera

Pizza Fit For A Cheese Connoisseur

When Scottie Rivera, owner of Scotties Pizza Parlor in Portland, OR, set out to emulate a dish made famous by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles characters, he had no idea how much attention he’d attract during Portland Pizza Week.

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wine and cheese pairing graph

Wine & Cheese Pairing Redefined

Searching for cheese options to serve with a nice merlot or pinot noir? There’s an app for that. A group of computer scientists and molecular biologists at the University of Toronto recently created a new app and website that is based on scientific technology to map relationships within data sets.

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Cheester Egg and Jam

The Cheester: A Real Good Egg

Annem Hobson has no problem being cheesy when it comes to Easter eggs. The food blogger from So Wrong It’s Nom collaborated with award-winning, independent artisan U.K. cheese company Wildes Cheese to hatch an alternative to the ubiquitous chocolate Easter egg.

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Hierloom Cheese

A Family’s Cheese Heirloom

It is not unusual for families to pass down treasures from generation to generation, such as jewelry, furniture, china, clothing or paintings. In Thomas Campanella’s family, the heirloom passed down three generations is a wheel of Romano cheese.

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Shipwreck Reveals 340-year-old Cheese

Ah, the beauty of a well-aged cheese. This summer, the affinage (cheese ripening) process reached new heights — or in this case, new depths — of maturity when a food believed to be cheese was discovered on the wreckage of the Swedish warship, Kronan.

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Cheeses with strange flavors

Bubblegum-Flavored Cheese Developed At University

Parents looking to encourage kids to eat more cheese may be in luck. Food scientists at the Center for Dairy Research at The University of Wisconsin in Madison have produced a process for making cheese flavored with such children-friendly flavors as cotton candy, berry, banana, green apple and chocolate.

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Stilton Wedge(wood)

A Bit Of Stink Over Stilton

A shoe with a Stilton wedge heel is the latest tactic being used by the Cambridgeshire village of Stilton in the United Kingdom to get its Blue Bell cheese officially recognized. Resident Richard Landy is seeking to overturn an October 2013 decision refusing to recognize the cheese as Stilton by

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