Boonts Corners

First Cheese a Charm for Pennyroyal Farm

The corners was one of the original names of Boonville, the tiny Mendocino County, California enclave first located at the corner of Highways 128 and 253. Due to the small size of the town, one could easily miss it driving through the area. That is not the case for its namesake cheese, 2 Month Boont Corners Tomme from Pennyroyal Farms, an award-winner made from fresh, raw milk. The 3-pound wheels are distinguishable, as these are aged on wooden planks to promote their unique flavor profile.

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Caves of Faribault’s St. Pete’s Select

A Traditional Blue with a Twist

Caves of Faribault’s  St. Pete’s Select

Named after the caves in which it is aged, St. Pete’s Select from Caves of Faribault in Faribault, MN, has quite a history behind it.

It was 1936 when a series of 13 sandstone caves in Minnesota were commandeered by Felix Frederiksen for Blue cheese aging. The conditions were ideal. Because the caves’ stone was 99 percent quartzite and there were no stalactite or stalagmite formations, water moved vertically as opposed to horizontally, contrary to most caves. The environment also was perfect, with 99 percent humidity and a temperature of 52 degrees F all year.

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