Cheese CONNOISSEUR - Centerfold Cheeses

A Tale of Two Cheeses

FireFly Farms’ Merry Goat Roundand Spruce Reserve A two-for-one is even better when it involves cheese. Accident, MD-based FireFly Farms’ Merry Goat Round is one of the three original cheeses that company co-founder Pablo Solanet created back in 2002. “When we started the company, we wanted to make fresh chevre

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Beautiful Coincidences Coming Together

Gourmino Affinage & Selection’sLe Gruyère AOP Although it was the 2008 World Championship Cheese Contest that put Switzerland’s Gourmino Affinage & Selection’s Le Gruyère AOP on the map, cheesemaker Michael Spycher again was recognized as World Champion in 2020.

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A Cheese of Visual Intrigue Montchevre Kiss My Ash was first launched in 2018 by Saputo Cheese USA, headquartered in Lincolnshire, IL, a few months after its acquisition of Betin Inc., doing business as Montchevre, a Wisconsin-based goat cheese manufacturer and marketer. Through its Montchevre brand acquisition, Saputo Cheese USA

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Best in Class

The unique and creative Rogue River Blue from Rogue Creamery in Oregon won Best Cheese in the World at the World Cheese Competition held in Bergamo, Italy. It also is our Centerfold cheese, starting on page 26. This is an amazing cheese and all cheese lovers should strive to taste

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A Coveted Blue Rogue Creamery’s iconic Rogue River Blue Cheese recently achieved a monumental first for the American specialty and farmstead cheese industry: it won the coveted title of World Champion Cheese at the 2019 World Cheese Awards in Bergamo, Italy.

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Boonts Corners

The corners was one of the original names of Boonville, the tiny Mendocino County, California enclave first located at the corner of Highways 128 and 253. Due to the small size of the town, one could easily miss it driving through the area. That is not the case for its

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Basque Esquirrou


There is a reason Esquirrou (pronounced ehs-keer-oo and meaning ‘bell’ in france’s béarnaise dialect) bested a record-breaking 3,402 entries from 26 countries in the 2018 World Championship Cheese Contest, held in Madison, WI.

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St Pete's Select Blue Cheese

Caves of Faribault’s St. Pete’s Select

Named after the caves in which it is aged, St. Pete’s Select from Caves of Faribault in Faribault, MN, has quite a history behind it. It was 1936 when a series of 13 sandstone caves in Minnesota were commandeered by Felix Frederiksen for Blue cheese aging. The conditions were ideal.

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BelGioioso Cheese’s Crescenza-Stracchino

The master cheesemakers at Belgioioso Cheese began crafting Crescenza-Stracchino with a purpose a few years ago, mostly to fill the need of a customer’s request. That purpose soon turned into a passion, as the talented group of cheesemakers at the company’s Langes Corners plant in Denmark, WI, fell in love

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