This year marks Belle Chevre Inc.’s 35th anniversary of making goat cheese. Throughout its history, Belle Chevre, Huntsville, AL, has created a variety of products (including cheesecake!), with fresh goat cheese always at the forefront.

When Chevoo was up for sale in early 2022, Belle Chevre saw this as an opportunity to add the brand and its products to its existing line of fresh chèvre, which today includes logs, spreadable goat cheese, and a chèvre log wrapped in brined grape leaves.

As for Chevoo’s beginnings, the brand was created in 2015 by Australian expats, Gerard and Susan Tuck. Surprised that marinated cheeses were not (easily) found on U.S. grocery shelves, the Tucks started their own company in northern California, producing goat cheese marinated in olive oil.

Despite nearly seven years in business, the company folded during the pandemic. Belle Chevre restarted Chevoo’s production in a new facility in the spring of 2023.

Chevoo is chèvre marinated in extra-virgin olive oil. “However, we don’t take the simple route when it comes to making our goat cheese. While other producers of marinated goat cheese take plain goat cheese and steep the sliced or cubed cheese in a flavored olive oil, Chevoo uses a double-infusion process,” says Pierre Guerin, president and co-owner of Belle Chevre.

The double-infusion process means the fresh goat cheese is first mixed with herbs, spices, chilis, pollen or truffles, cubed, and then steeped in an extra-virgin olive oil blend with either lemon, garlic or rosemary.

Chevoo is available in five flavors:

  • Original
  • Herbes de Provence
  • Dill Pollen & Garlic
  • Urfa Chili & Lemon
  • Italian Black Truffle

“Cheese and charcuterie board makers love to include a jar or two of Chevoo on their grazing tables or boards. While the cheese’s creamy, smooth texture makes it a great spread on crusty bread or crackers, the Chevoo cubes can easily be added to salads, pizzas, or schmeared-on veggies for a pop of flavor and protein,” says Guerin.

Recently, the company invested in its manufacturing facility and is in the process of upgrading packaging. “Not only will our glass jars be sealed tighter than ever thanks to new machinery, but our jars will soon have a shrink-wrapped label to ensure that leaking oil will no longer be an issue. We will be the first producer of marinated cheese to make such an upgrade,” says Guerin.

It also launched a foodservice-sized tub of 75 cubes, available in all five flavors. The 2.3-pound resealable container provides chefs with an easy-to-use product.

Chevoo’s products have won many awards, most recently receiving a Gold World Cheese Award 2022-2023 and a third-place, American Cheese Society 2023 Award.

Consumers can purchase Chevoo at various retail chains and independent stores in the U.S. or on Wholesale customers can purchase through local distributors, online or on Faire.

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