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CHEESE CONNOISSEUR magazine is the authority on all things cheese. We provide our readers — sophisticated, well-educated foodies and industry professionals — with information about specialty cheeses, celebrity cheesemakers, chefs, wines, travel opportunities and complementary foods and beverages.

Published by the award-winning publishers of PRODUCE BUSINESS and DELI BUSINESS magazines, CHEESE CONNOISSEUR has been turning heads since its inception in the winter of 2008. 

We’ve introduced readers to new and exciting places where cheesemakers are turning out stellar products that have been judged best in class. Our readers know we speak with authority.

CHEESE CONNOISSEUR is crafted with the educated, affluent, socially engaged and culturally active reader in mind; people that appreciate style and taste. Our readers have a passionate interest for things unique in the areas of travel, entertaining, dining and cooking. They dine out often and frequently entertain at home or attend parties and local gatherings. 

Additionally CHEESE CONNOISSEUR offers business-to-business circulation to industry professionals in the retail, wholesale and distributor communities, including natural, organic and upscale retailers, supermarkets and individual specialty food store owners. Quality trade recipients will receive the magazine free of charge,  offering saturation coverage to industry decision makers.