Bubblegum-Flavored Cheese Developed At University

Cheeses with strange flavors

Parents looking to encourage kids to eat more cheese may be in luck. Food scientists at the Center for Dairy Research at The University of Wisconsin in Madison have produced a process for making cheese flavored with such children-friendly flavors as cotton candy, berry, banana, green apple and chocolate.

The center is now seeking a food company to take their process and produce the cheese. Made with cheese scraps remaining from production of Cheddar and Mozzarella, the processed cheese includes natural flavors and colors.

The cheese can be shaped into letters of the alphabet, animals or toys on a stick for lollipops. The researchers suggest the flavored cheese will make a terrific lunchbox addition, after-school-snack or could replace candy for holidays, including Halloween. With approximately 17 percent protein and calcium, the cheese will be targeted as a healthful snack. While the cheese is not shelf stable, it will last for six months when refrigerated.

The new fun-flavored cheeses are “delicious,” says Sarah Minasian, the center’s research specialist and chef. CC

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