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Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese Celebrates 20 Years

On Saturday, September 24th Crave Brothers Farmstead Cheese hosted a 20th Anniversary celebration on their farmstead. Their family and staff had a pig roast, local food carts, a farm scavenger hunt and a recognition program for industry members who were instrumental to the business.

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Going with the Flow

Portland, Maine’s The Cheese Iron has successfully adapted to different business climates. Since Vince Maniaci and his wife Jill Dutton became familiar with the specialty cheese world in the 90s, they knew that someday they would head out on their own journey as cheese shop owners. “My wife Jill and

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A Washed Curd Treasure

Gouda, pride of the Dutch, is popular for a reason. Did you know that Gouda is not pronounced Gooda in the Netherlands? The Dutch say Chowda, the ‘ch’ articulated as the final sound in the Scottish word loch, or the German ich. No matter how you say it, traditional Gouda

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Jim Prevor

To Your Health – Eat More Cheese

Cheese is among the most beloved of foods. How could it be otherwise with thousands of varieties to choose from? And it is a food that can be eaten raw or cooked in so many ways, on sandwiches, with bread and crackers, or just plain. It goes with wine, or

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Lee Smith

Slow Down and Eat Well

Every cheese you eat is a window into another culture. Cheese is never about landing into culinary chaos; instead, it is about slowing down. Enjoying cheese is about having time to relax and stretch out the dining experience and talk about flavors, textures, cultures and history.

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Swiss Cheese Watch

Swiss Mad, NOT Swiss Made

A $1.072 million watch seems pricey by any standards, but one such timepiece, enrobed with cheese, has been designed more as a statement than functional arm candy. Created in Switzerland by Swiss watchmakers with Swiss materials, the Swiss Mad Watch is unique, symbolic and irreverent. It’s purpose? Made with actual

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Vancouver’s Salt Tasting Room

To get to Salt Tasting Room in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood, one must venture down a cobblestoned backstreet nicknamed Blood Alley. Located in the oldest part of the city, the alleyway’s name may conjure up frightening images of nefarious pirates or gun-wielding gangsters from Gastown’s past, but the moniker’s real origin

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