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Jim Prevor

To Your Health – Eat More Cheese

Cheese is among the most beloved of foods. How could it be otherwise with thousands of varieties to choose from? And it is a food that can be eaten raw or cooked in so many ways, on sandwiches, with bread and crackers, or just plain. It goes with wine, or

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Lee Smith

Slow Down and Eat Well

Every cheese you eat is a window into another culture. Cheese is never about landing into culinary chaos; instead, it is about slowing down. Enjoying cheese is about having time to relax and stretch out the dining experience and talk about flavors, textures, cultures and history.

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Swiss Cheese Watch

Swiss Mad, NOT Swiss Made

Million dollar-plus watch is made of cheese A $1.072 million watch seems pricey by any standards, but one such timepiece, enrobed with cheese, has been designed more as a statement than functional arm candy. Created in Switzerland by Swiss watchmakers with Swiss materials, the Swiss Mad Watch is unique, symbolic

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Vancouver’s Salt Tasting Room

Brave the alley and find a treasure trove of cheese pairings To get to Salt Tasting Room in Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood, one must venture down a cobblestoned backstreet nicknamed Blood Alley. Located in the oldest part of the city, the alleyway’s name may conjure up frightening images of nefarious pirates

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