The Intricacies of Belgium’s Chimay

Chimay Cheese Burger

Cheese Connoisseur

2 lbs chopped beef
10½ oz breadcrumbs
5 oz Chimay cheese
4 Tbsp Worcestershire sauce
1 small bunch parsley
finely chopped
2 eggs beaten

To Serve
• Split burger buns
• Sliced tomatoes
• Red onion slices
• Lettuce
• Tomato Sauce
• Coleslaw
• Fries

• Break up the beef in a large bowl, then tip in the breadcrumbs, Chimay cheese, Worcestershire sauce, parsley and eggs with 1 tsp. ground pepper and 1-2 tsp. salt. Mix together with your hands.

• Mold the mixture into 12 patties. Chill these down until ready to cook for up to 24 hours.

• To cook the burgers, heat grill to high. Grill each burger for six to 8 minutes on each side until cooked through. Place all accompaniments on the table for your guests to assemble their own, including a little extra Chimay cheese for those who want more!

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