Beautiful Coincidences Coming Together

Gourmino Affinage & Selection’sLe Gruyère AOP Although it was the 2008 World Championship Cheese Contest that put Switzerland’s Gourmino Affinage & Selection’s Le Gruyère AOP

An Eye On the Environment

Sustainable Swiss dairies produce exceptional cheese. Swiss artisans have been making cheese since the Middle Ages. Isolated in secluded hamlets on mountains and in valleys,

Summertime Switzerland Adventures

Take a tour of the Alps’ finest cheesemaking regionsSwitzerland delivers eye-popping beauty whenever you visit, but in summertime, the high mountain meadows roll out a

Challerhocker wedges

The Swiss Chällerhocker Renaissance

Putting the innovation back into Swiss cheeseFor decades, the words “swiss cheese” were riddled with sapless connotations and visions of yellow apertured cheese with a

All About Appenzeller

The spicy Swiss cheese you never knew you lovedAppenzellerland, set between the Alps and Lake Constance in the northeast region of Switzerland, is a place