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A New Focus On Feta

For the lucky, such as Greek-American chef and cookbook author Michael Psilakis, Feta cheese has held a long celebrated place in the kitchen and in cuisine since childhood. “My memories of Feta growing up are very vivid,” he says. “It was always on the kitchen table, and I was always

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Vermont Creamery Icons: Bob Reese and Allison Hooper

Vermont Creamery founders discuss their journey and the next chapter. It has been about three years since Vermont Creamery co-founders Allison Hooper and Bob Reese sold their business to Land O’Lakes. Now both are giving back, providing other businesses with the benefits of their experiences, while also enjoying the more

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Mary Quicke

Mary Quicke: Upholding 14 Generations on the Farm

The Brits take their cheddar seriously, and this is definitely the case at UK clothbound cheesemaker Quicke’s. “Our philosophy is to see farming as a great responsibility,” says Mary Quicke, who runs her family-owned company. “Not only are we committed to doing right by the land, but we take great

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Jennifer Bice and Dog

Jennifer Bice, A Woman Of Vision

Jennifer Bice found her life’s work early on. As a child, she and her siblings enjoyed teaching the goats tricks on the family farm. Later, she raised dairy goats for 4H, and then she continued showing goats as an adult. Eventually, Bice’s hobby became a career in her role as

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Stephanie Ciano

Stephanie Ciano’s Cheese Destiny

Coordinating the shipment of containers full of cheese from France, introducing new cheeses from Australia to the U.S. market, and forecasting future cheese trends—it’s all in a day’s work for Stephanie Ciano. As the vice president of international purchasing for Armonk, NY-based World’s Best Cheese, one of the United States’

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Diplomat Turned Cheese Advocate

Carlos Yescas has been a diplomat, professor and united nations expert. He still juggles a number of jobs, including raw milk cheese advocate, cheese judge and researcher. Born in Mexico, Yescas, 40, also distributes Mexican cheeses and is currently setting up a Latin American cheesemaker network to connect producers there

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Steve Millard CC Cover Image

Steve Millard: The Cheese Changemaker

As the senior vice president of merchandising and operations for Murray’s Cheese, Steve Millard wears many hats. “I’m responsible for a little bit everything, it seems like,” he told Cheese Connoisseur with a chuckle.

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Margaret Cicogna

Margaret Cicogna: The Cheese Lady of Italy

Margaret Cicogna is one of the United States’ leading authorities on Italian cheese. “People call me the Cheese Lady,” she told Cheese Connoisseur over coffee in New York City. “But I do a lot more than cheese. I went to school. I have a family.” Still, Cicogna’s deep knowledge and

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