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Mary Quicke

Mary Quicke: Upholding 14 Generations on the Farm

Continuing her family’s tradition of making clothbound cheeses on and off for 14 generations, Mary Quicke reveals the history of her family’s namesake company, the traditions it adheres to and her dedication to the cheese industry. The Brits take their cheddar seriously, and this is definitely the case at UK

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Jennifer Bice and Dog

Jennifer Bice, A Woman Of Vision

Leveraging her love of goats, Jennifer Bice, CEO of Redwood Hill Farm & Creamery, talks about her evolving passion for all things wild and wonderful.Jennifer Bice found her life’s work early on. As a child, she and her siblings enjoyed teaching the goats tricks on the family farm. Later, she

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Stephanie Ciano

Stephanie Ciano’s Cheese Destiny

Coming into cheese through her family’s business, world’s best cheese’s, stephanie ciano has made a name for herself in the industry. Coordinating the shipment of containers full of cheese from France, introducing new cheeses from Australia to the U.S. market, and forecasting future cheese trends—it’s all in a day’s work

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Diplomat Turned Cheese Advocate

Carlos Yescas brings a world of experience from a diverse background to his role as cheese advocate.Carlos Yescas has been a diplomat, professor and united nations expert. He still juggles a number of jobs, including raw milk cheese advocate, cheese judge and researcher. Born in Mexico, Yescas, 40, also distributes

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Steve Millard CC Cover Image

Steve Millard: The Cheese Changemaker

Elevating cheese one wheel at a time.As the senior vice president of merchandising and operations for Murray’s Cheese, Steve Millard wears many hats. “I’m responsible for a little bit everything, it seems like,” he told Cheese Connoisseur with a chuckle.

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Margaret Cicogna

Margaret Cicogna: The Cheese Lady of Italy

America’s Long-Time Ambassador Of All Things ItalianMargaret Cicogna is one of the United States’ leading authorities on Italian cheese. “People call me the Cheese Lady,” she told Cheese Connoisseur over coffee in New York City. “But I do a lot more than cheese. I went to school. I have a

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David Gremmels

Rogue’s Renaissance Man

Rogue Creamery’s David Gremmels is more than a cheese advocate for american producersDavid Gremmels is at home in many arenas, a renaissance man with wide-ranging interests and expertise: from 1950s Beat Art to long distance cycling, from fine woodworking to vintage trucks and German Shorthair Pointers.

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Betty Koster

Holland’s Ultimate Cheese Expert

How Betty Koster of Fromagerie L’Amuse expanded the visibility of Dutch cheesesWhile the Netherlands is renowned for its 17th century old master paintings, IJmuiden-born Betty Koster is famous these days for refining another local art form with 12th century antecedents. In the realm of Dutch masterpieces, cheeses from Koster’s Fromagerie

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Michele Buster

Michele Buster’s Life in Cheese

Forever Cheese’s co-founder ruminates on her experiences As the co-founder of Forever Cheese, Michele Buster has been instrumental in bringing incredible cheese to the U.S.— from Pecorino Romano from the Fulvi family to La Mancha’s premium Manchego to Paski Sir from Pag Island, Croatia. She’s developed markets for cheeses, brands,

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Rob Kaufelt

Murray’s Cheese and Rob Kaufelt’s Next Chapter

After growing and nurturing Murray’s Cheese, Rob Kaufelt steps aside
Big is a small word that succinctly describes the role cheese mecca Murray’s Cheese has played in Rob Kaufelt’s life. The relationship began in 1991 when Kaufelt — badly in need of a job after a failed New Jersey business venture

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Kehler Brothers

A Visit With Jasper Hill’s Andy and Mateo Kehler

Discover what motivates the brothers, their favorite cheeses, and their big secret It’s a sub-zero December evening in small-town northern Vermont, and the dining room of the Highland Lodge is packed. A side closet overflows with down coats and wet snow boots. In one corner of the dining room, rosy-cheeked

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