Jim Prevor

How We’ll Eat Cheese After COVID

It looks like the COVID vaccine is rapidly rolling out across America. The details are still a bit hazy, but it appears that the vaccines

Giving Cheese a Helping Hand

The impact of COVID-19 on the consumption of specialty cheese is difficult to discern. On the one hand, a lot of these top-end cheeses are

Jim Prevor

Getting Cheese Closer To Your Door

The hottest trend in retailing is something called “omni-channel.” The big example that disrupted the whole industry was when Amazon bought Whole Foods. Though this

Jim Prevor

The Skinny On Cheese

Message From Jim Prevor, Editor-In-ChiefHigh-fat Cheese: the Secret to a Healthy Life? — The Telegraph High-Fat Cheese May Benefit Health By Boosting ‘Good’ Cholesterol, Study