6 Gift Ideas For Cheese Lovers

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Looking for a unique gift idea for your cheese-loving friend or a conversation piece at your next gathering? These accessories will take your presentation to a whole new level.

Uncommon Goods Convertable cheese platter
uncommon goods

Compact Swivel Cheese Board with Knives

For those with a more limited cheese offering or one that is extensive, this convertible platter adapts to any cheese-serving need. Taking its cues from a wheel of cheese, this unique design starts as a wedge and transforms to a tiered server. A drawer in this bamboo board stores an all-purpose cheese knife, a flat cheese knife, and a cheese fork, all included.





Cheese Wedge Knife Block
Wine Devices

Cheese Wedge Block Set

Those who can’t get enough of cheese will love this adorable cheese wedge knife block. It’s the perfect place to stash the included cheese tools while also making for an attractive display in a dining room or kitchen. All of the pieces have a Swiss cheese theme, including the three stainless steel cheese tools: a medium-hard cheese knife, a hard cheese knife and a cheese fork. Each of the blades features holes to complement the theme, while the rubber wood block tool holder features dark spots to emulate the style.





Cheese Slicer
CheeseSlicing, LLC

Serving Tray Cheese Slicer

For the ultimate in convenience, this well-designed Beachwood slicer is made with a built-in recessed tray for serving crackers or fruit along with sliced cheese. Minimize extra dishes with this two-in-one cheese accessory to accommodate any size crackers. Using it as a convenient serving piece, and slice the cheese as it is eaten. Each slice can be as thick or thin as you or your guests want, and the cheese stays fresh.





Assorted Cheese Papers
Crate and Barrel

Set of 12 Assorted Cheese Papers

Whether your goal is to create a nature theme or a beautiful backdrop and put cheese on center stage, these simulated wood slices and green leaves will be the talk of the party. Four each of three designs are printed with soy ink on reusable wood-pulp parchment paper, providing a woodsy, organic foundation for cheese boards.






raclette grill

Ticino Swissmar 8 Person Raclette Party Grill

Looking for a fun activity at a cheese-lovers gathering? The Ticino Swissmar 8 Person Raclette Party Grill will be the life of the party. Entertain friends and family, while boosting their culinary creativity in making breakfast, lunch, dinner or appetizers. This fun and versatile tabletop grill comes with eight Raclette dishes and eight wooden spatulas.






Acrylic Cheese Button Clincher

What is more frustrating than trying to cut cheese that just won’t stay still? Cheese buttons will help keep the cheese stable on the plate during cutting and also conveniently keeps your fingers off of the cheese. Suitable for use with any cheese, these buttons are made of high-quality, clear acrylic and are perfect for wine parties, dinner parties or any gathering with cheese and wine.





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