Jim Prevor

Getting Cheese Closer To Your Door

The hottest trend in retailing is something called “omni-channel.” The big example that disrupted the whole industry was when Amazon bought Whole Foods. Though this

Lee Smith

Speck Alto Adige PGI

As part of my job, i have the opportunity to travel, find new foods and beverages as well as take a deep dive into foods


Cheese + History = LOVE

Consider Bardwell Farm has found success continuing a century-old Vermont cheesemaking traditionIt was 18 years ago when Russell glover and Angela Miller went searching for

Stephanie Ciano

Stephanie Ciano’s Cheese Destiny

Coming into cheese through her family’s business, world’s best cheese’s, stephanie ciano has made a name for herself in the industry. Coordinating the shipment of

Sharpham's A River runs through it

A Cheddar Odyssey

There’s something for everyone on this cheese journeyAnna Juhl, founder and tour host of Cheese Journeys, which creates food travel opportunities around artisan cheeses while promoting